"Lisa was an absolute pleasure to work with! I would hire her again in an instant. Not only did she thoroughly understand the make-up needs for an HD film, she brought with her a proactive attitude towards solving the unique problems of the cast's make-up and was extremely lovely to work with. Prior to Lisa's coming on set, we had to hold takes several times for make-up. After her arrival, we lost absolutely NO time to make-up and our actors LOVED working with her. She will be the duct tape of your make-up department and I ABSOLUTELY recommend that you at least consult her first for your make-up needs."

    - Courage De Leon • Casting director, Hnarakis Prods.  
  "Lisa DeRoma is one of the best make-up artists I've worked with, and I was very lucky to have her on my film. It was such a relief to know my actors were in good hands and that they were going to look great under the lights. Lisa's artistry, flexibility, and quick work were much appreciated, and she'll certainly be one of my first calls on my next production."  
    - Kristin Holloway • Director, "Darcy's Off-White Wedding"  
  "Lisa Marie is a total pro at what she does. not only is she an amazingly talented make-up artist in her own right, she is at ease with both the cast and crew, can get along with any personality, and is devoted to whatever production she is a part of - large or small. She's definitely an asset to any production. I've worked with Lisa Marie on three student productions at USC, and there's no detail too small and no task too big that she's not able to tackle. I would recommend her services to any production with no hesitation whatsoever."  
    - Judith Fernando • Producer  

"Lisa's natural make-up looked believable and enhanced the actors' visual appeal, confidence, and performance. For a theatrical piece within my film that required over-the-top make-up, she worked with me to create a fabulous look that helped to define a character. Best of all, Lisa is a calm, pleasant, and supportive presence on-set."

    - Dana Josslin • Director, "Monoboob"  
  "What makes Lisa Marie so special as a make-up artist is her attention to, and love of, the actors. She brings out the essence of their characters and helps them get ready for the narrative world which they are about to step into."  
    - Christine Shin • Director, "Journey"  
  "Lisa Marie has worked with me on multiple projects ranging from commercials to short films and webcasts. She is punctual, professional, and most of all, she makes everyone look beautiful. She is one of the first crew members I hire on any production."  
    - Katy Farzanrad • Producer, "Darcy's Off-White Wedding"  

"Lisa Marie showed up to a hectic set, on short notice, and turned out excellent work. She had a great attitude and work ethic, and we would definitely work with her again."

    - Ryan Fritzsche • Executive Producer, Tandem Arts  
  "The actors not only looked perfect on camera but walked onto the set relaxed, focused, and ready to work. Lisa Marie's creative talents are matched only by the wonderful energy and dedication she brings to the set."  
    -Andrew R. Powell • Director, "Quitters"  
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